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2018 ASID Excellence in Design: Second Place Kitchen Design

By March 29, 2018 No Comments

This past Saturday I was honored to receive the award of:

Second Place Kitchen Design

for the 2018 American Society of Interior Designers Carolinas Excellence in Design Competition.


I cannot tell you how humbling it is to even be nominated among this class of extremely talented designers, much less win an award. Of course, I have to thank my beautiful client as well because this was most definitely a collaborative effort. She knows who she is! The best part is that she has become a dear friend in the process. My hat is off to her as we share this award together.

I have been blessed to be a part of one of the best Interior Design Organizations in the world. These ladies are talented, beautiful and kind. Sounds like the movie, “The Help”. “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” 🙂

I truly mean this, though. I very distinctly remember the design industry being very different when I graduated from college over 20 years ago. Designers were not willing to help one another and did not share their industry information. I remember thinking that, “If this is what it is like to be a designer then I want nothing to do with it.” So either I was young and naïve and intimidated or the design industry has changed over the years. I would say that I have changed and the industry has changed as well.

(Seen to the left is very talented interior designer from Sumter, Nicole Norris and the CCASID awesomely talented chapter administrator, Melissa Klingberg.)

Meet the President of the Carolinas Chapter, Mrs. Rebecca Compton of Gallery 406 Interiors.

Rebecca has been a huge supporter of me and I am so eternally grateful for that.

The one thing I would like to leave you with is to make sure you surround yourself with your community. Whatever that community may be. It is so important to surround yourself around positive, successful people to help you through the difficult times and to celebrate with you during the great times. But make sure that no matter what your industry, you surround yourself with those who not only understand what you are going through but can help you through the valleys and can celebrate with you through the high times.

For all of you who read this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I’m living my dream…finally. I’m doing what the Lord has called me to do and I’m so ever grateful for everything and everyone he has put into my path along the way.