BEFORE/ AFTER Teen Room: from Teen to College

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My beautiful daughter (who is a very talented writer and photographer, by the way) has left the nest and gone off to college. She would never let me decorate her room while she lived here…which drove me crazy, and so when she left for college I converted her room into a Guest Bedroom. However, I still wanted the room to feel like hers since she does still come home for visits. So I tried to use as many familiar items as possible to make it personally hers, as well as, mix in a few new things that remind me of her.

Here is her room BEFORE: 


She had a twin bed to give her more floor space for friends to hang out in this small room. However, there was no place for Grandma and Grandpa when they came to visit. So, I removed the twin and added a queen mattress, and used an old, outdoor Chippendale bench (that I rescued from the side of the road years ago) as the headboard.

Being the photographer in our family and world traveler, I hung those old prints I found in an antiques store above her bed because they reminded me of her.

The colorful quilt folded at the end of the bed is from her early childhood and we used that as our inspiration piece for the entire room. The lucious soft, mint green color in the quilt was repeated in the furry blanket throw, custom valances, the hand painted French end tables and also in the ceiling and chandelier ceiling medallion!

Mixing in some new with the old gives the room an up-to-date feel by adding faux animal fur benches at the end of the bed, as well as modern brass light fixtures, and a large woven houndstooth raffia rug.

Now the big question is…Does she like it? She said she loves it and that it still feels like her room but better! She is really enjoying the larger bed and her favorite part? The painted ceiling. The soothing mint green ceiling really sets the mood for the room by adding a pop of surprise and interest to the space.


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