Custom Design Shopping Boards ($150)

Are you looking for that designer-quality look for your home but not sure where to begin? Do you like to shop and find the best deals? Trying to figure out how to tweak a certain room in your house with that perfect something but not sure what that perfect something should be?  Then THIS is the design plan for you!

About: The Design Board is custom made for any room of your choosing. Through email you will send me photos of the room you want to focus on, and complete a Design Questionnaire. I will then work on making a custom Design Board for you via Pinterest. It will be private so that only you and I can see it. Along with this design board will be suggestions on items to purchase to complete the look of the space. The items suggested will be the designer look you are after, items you can’t find easily. You will be able to order most of these items directly from your Pinterest board, and/or I will tell you how to find them online.

Your Custom Design Shopping Board will include: multiple shopping suggestions for your room as well as information on how and where to purchase them. You will also be given style, material and size suggestions to look for when you are ready to shop.

How it works: Email me with photos of the room you want to complete. I will send a Designer Questionnaire to you and once I receive that back along with a payment thru PayPal then I will begin putting all of my suggestions for you on a private Pinterest Board. Within just a few days you will receive your private Pinterest Board via email.

Perfect for: This service is perfect for those who prefer to do their own shopping but are uncertain what the room needs to complete the look. I have a huge selection of designer-quality items, at very reasonable prices, that will give you that custom look you are after for your home.