This is a “stress-free” interior design service

offering complete renovation services where you will receive the full service design package that will save you time and money and headaches.  With my expertise and resources I will design the room of your dreams that also stays within your budget.  Included with this service are: furniture plans, lighting specifications, fabric choices, paint choices, all finish choices, artwork and accessories are specified and purchased and you don’t have to do a thing.  I will see this project through from beginning to end and will insure that you do not make any pricey decision mistakes that can happen when you are not sure what to purchase.  Are you ready to have your home completed and don’t have the time nor the desire to deal with it on your own?  Then this is the plan for you.

Prices based on square footage.  Once I know the scope of the project then I can give you a quote. Instead of charging hourly I charge by project.  This way there are no surprises at what the final design bill will be for you.

I can easily give you an estimate when we meet of what the design cost will be as well as a guesstimate to how much the total renovation will be for you.

Credit cards are accepted.