Who am I inspired by? Hands down, one of my favorite interior designers is Tobi Fairley.
Her beautiful creations are amazing! She is known for her talented use of color and since I too am known for my daring ways of mixing colors then I really relate to Tobi’s designs. Her creations leave every room with a beautiful, colorful impact but always in good taste and never overpowering or overwhelming.

IMG_8177 (3)(Tobi designed room at a Hampton Designer Showhouse.

Look at her creative use of textures, patterns and pops of color.  Click on the photo for more info.)

Besides being one of the top designers in the country and being featured in a myriad of publications such as: House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living…and more… she also teaches interior design business courses to aspiring designers. Me and Tobi FairleyI was one of the lucky recipients of one of her courses last year. I won her Think Tank course and attended it in High Point, NC during Market last year. I am still gleaning knowledge from that very intense course I took with her.

I was lucky enough to see her again this past February at the Design Bloggers Conference. (See photo to the right. Tobi Fairley_Designer Bloggers Conference (February 2015)Sorry that it is blurry.)

She is a gracious and kind woman and I feel very blessed to have had the chance to learn from one of the experts in the industry.  We all need people to grow and learn from in order to encourage us to continue on in the journey.
Thank you, Tobi Fairley, for your inspiring designs, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and for your kindness to me. I will continue to be your number one fan and to learn from your inspiring, colorful interior design creations.

Go to my Houzz site to see my design board I created dedicated to Tobi Fairley.


Who inspires you in your business?  Who makes you want to do better at what you do?